Fragrance or air freshener are often hung inside of cars for their smell, 
but they consist of thousand of chemicals and can potentially be harmful to human beings, 
especially when all the scents get trap in such a small space as a car. 

Natural, healthy and beneficial to human
         · Safe for people with fragrance-allergy
         · Customizable to bring different benefits

However, In-Car Essential oil diffusers on the market now lack aesthetic and are very inconvenient to use, 
as they take ponderous steps to operate (taking out oil bottle, opening oil bottle, dripping oil, closing bottle, 
putting it back, etc)

SO the aim of this project is to design an in-car essential oil diffuser that is
         · Takes no more than a second to operate 
         · Fun to use.
The researches point out the direction for the product, in conclusion, this diffuser should:
     Each refill should sustain a decent amount of time and uses.
     The operation of the diffuser should be simple, like turning the car key to start your car.
     The operation and the diffuser itself should also be fun to encourage use.​​​​​​​
The models result in 2 prototypes, with the option of 5ml or 3ml essential oil vail inside the diffuser.
The smaller version was made after the bigger one, with a few improvements:
         · The single hole on the key aligns with the opening of the bottle, prevents confusion.
         · The backing is more steady and firm yet still allows maximum air flow.​​​​​​​
*Clockwork springs and keys are sourced from Kikkerland Wind-up toys.
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