CLOUD is a humidifier.
It is designed to be calming and tranquil. 
It is designed to quietly blend into different living/working environments.
It aids to build the atmosphere for sleeping, working or meditating.
Besides being a "mist displaying" device, the clear top part also functions as a container to fetch water. 
This design eliminate the extra container to transfer water from your sink to the humidifier, thus reducing 
procedures and increase simplicity and efficiency. 
Engineering aspects are emphasized in the design, including how parts will me molded and assembled together, 
the correct placements of the compartments, the mechanism of the air circulation in the humidifier, etc. 

All humidifier require air flow in their chamber in order to bring out the mist, otherwise the mist will stay static 
inside. (You now know some beautiful renderings of humidifiers on Behance don't work) 

Traditionally the gap between the water container and the wider cover cap is where the air vents are placed, and 
utilized to bring in air flow. Since the CLOUD doesn't have a wider cap to cover the chamber, I invented a 
system to flow air. The top "ring" structure is assembled onto the main body, while leaving a gap for the air tunnel. 
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