RISD Rover is a club founded by industrial design major students in Rhode Island School of Design. The goal of 
the club for each year is to design and build a 2-person Human-powered vehicle to participate in the NASA Rover
Challenge held in Held in Huntsville, Alabama each Spring. Each team gets 2 chances to ride their rover across 
the track. Scores and earned by the time, going over obstacles and completing tasks. 

The 2018 race's tasks consists of:
Collecting 3 liquid and 3 soil samples on site. 
One rider taking photos of another rider installing a solar cell. 

is a storage container designed and fabricated by the storage team: Jeff Shen, Leah Yao.

Fits inside the Rover. 
Store 8 sample containers (3-soil, 3-liquid, 2-extras)
Prevent cross contamination 

Store a camera with color filters
Fast & Easy opening and closing
Lightweight ​​​​​​​
The storage is strapped and fixed onto the chassis with velcro.
The flaps are sewn with magnets on the edges so they snap onto the chromoly tubings.
This connection provides a very strong grip yet the fastest to open/close.
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