The trend I responded to is the madness of limited edition in the streetwear and fashion world.
People raffle, stay in line for hours and even camp overnight at the store just for a chance to buy a product. 

But what's the different between a pair of Air Jordans and a CVS soap?
Why isn't the latter sold out 3 minutes after drop? Or can it?

Thus this project is to turn CVS soap into the hottest item, by embedding it with different branding value and 
According to Bourdieu, Art used to be the factor that classifies people's social status.
Being able to understand art requires high social status, education and high cultural capital.

The successful part of streetwear is that it creates a platform to make you special, to give you individuality, identity 
that you can consume and distinguish yourself. It doesn't require any social status, education or cultural capital to 
consume. It requires nothing more than 40 dollars to buy a shirt and put it on.

Limited Edition gives you the idea that only a small amount of people in the world can have this shirt, or sneaker, 
you being one of them.

So by employing these values into the CVS soap, it would be turned into the hottest item of the season

At the end, the CVS soap is a thing I made up.
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