"Why are shop signs in China so damn ugly?" is the starting point of this project.
I conducted researches onto this matter.
reasons can be concluded as below:
1. short lifespan of shops and restaurants 
2. terrible environment for individual shop owners. (tax rent)
3. lack of knowledge. 

These are the main reasons that there is no effort and money spent by shop owners to create their shop signs,
 then it turned into the situation that the aesthetic no longer is valued. Instead, signs needs to be as eye catching 
as possible, which results in these hideous signs with max saturation and zero balance in all elements. They 
destroys people's optical nerves everyday.

Chinese elements are a popular design go-to nowadays, doesn't matter its fashion, or furniture, or architecture, 
etc. However, when artists and designers employ these elements in their own work, they always pick the 
elements from the beautiful side: the culture, the history, etc. However, these shop signs are rooted in the most 
fundamental class of living environment in China, yet nobody touches this matter as they are obnoxious as hell. 

So I decided I will do it, I will dig into the dark side of Chinese Graphic Design and employ this obnoxious 
language onto my own work, loud and proud. 

No matter what, the goal of these signs are to advertise the store, so, the goal of my project is to advertise myself, 
as I am a graduating senior that is looking for a job. I will design my resume in such language, and make them into 
garments, shoes and accessory pieces. I will print my resume, business cards, contact onto fabric with the 
language of Chinese store signs. And this is what I call Resume Project. 
research and mind map for my subject of matter

color testing 
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